A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands

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ARC has often heard from parents that they find it helps to do or create something that marks the loss of their baby.

Planting a tree in the ARC grove may provide you with a special and permanent way of remembering.

We have partnered up with Trees for Life to be able to make this possible. 10% of each donation you make will be donated to ARC.

If you'd like to dedicate a tree or donate to this grove then 10 per cent of all sales will be donated to ARC. Please ensure you enter ARC in the 'link from another site' in the 'where did you hear about us' section.

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1 Tree

Donated by Phillipa Leighton

25th September 2016

1 Tree

In memory of Ava Cadger. Forever in our hearts xx

Donated by Emma Cadger

25th September 2016

1 Tree

Donated by Phillipa Leighton

25th August 2016

1 Tree

For our beautiful daughter Rüya who could not complete her to journey to this world, her memory and the joy she brought us will be with us forever.

Donated by Brassington

23rd August 2016

4 Trees

To my wonderful boy Aurelio, may your spirit live forever as the breeze in the leaves, and may your soul touch the Earth as the roots in the ground. I love you

Donated by Phillipa Leighton

21st July 2016

1 Tree

Francis Oliver-Cooke 08-07-99 Forever in our hearts xxxxx

Donated by Amy Moffatt

8th July 2016

4 Trees

Where ever you are, you are one with the clouds and one with the sun and the stars you see. You are one with everything. That is more true than I can say, and more true than you can hear.

Donated by Kev and Alice

9th May 2016

1 Tree

To my beautiful Lily Rose born asleep on 1st April 2016. I think about you everyday and I will always love and miss you. Go safely little one xxx

Donated by Mummy

13th April 2016

4 Trees

For Nell's birthday 2015, with love from Mummy, Daddy and little sister Elsie xxx

Donated by Beverley Sulley and Andrew Bell

7th March 2016

1 Tree

To baby Willow, we only shared a few short minutes together, but you'll forever be part of our family. Lots of love Mummy, Daddy and big sister Evelyn xxx

Donated by Matthew, Tracey and Evelyn Walmsley

28th February 2016

2 Trees

For Jesse (29.11.15) "For every life that ever forms, or ever comes to be, touches the world in some small way, for all eternity". Forever in our hearts. Love always, Mummy, Daddy & Scott xx

Donated by Katherine, Shaun and Scott Crossley

22nd January 2016

1 Tree

Our beautiful Little Nutbrown. Always remembered and never forgotten xxx

Donated by Mummy and Daddy

16th January 2016

10 Trees

Edward, we will always remember you, love from mum, dad and big sister. xxx

Donated by Helen, Mark, and Abigail Hunter

7th December 2015

2 Trees

For our boys 'Rhys John Knox Olliver' (March 5th 2014) and 'Tadpole' (May 2015). Each new life..No matter how fragile or brief..Forever changes the world." love, mummy, daddy & big sister Izzy xxx

Donated by Karen & Tom Olliver

15th November 2015

3 Trees

For our Sunshine. Love Always xxx...

Donated by Helen and Paul

13th November 2015

2 Trees

In loving memory of Baby B, March 2007 and Declan Crombie-McGurk, June 7th 2015

Donated by Kirstin Crombie & David McGurk

9th November 2015

1 Tree

For our little Beanie xxx

Donated by Sophie & Jonny

8th November 2015

5 Trees

For our precious Sophie Estrella. 21/07/12. Lots of love from Mummy, Daddy, your big brother Jakey and your little sisters Willow and Lydia. Shine brightly little star. xxxxx

Donated by The Riach family. xxxxx

1st November 2015

5 Trees

For our beloved little girl Sophie, who is travelling the great beyond. xoxoxox

Donated by Maurice and Ann Stirling

21st September 2015

10 Trees

Dedicated to Adam, born too soon on 9th May 2015... We'll always remember you.

Donated by Victoria and Richard James

17th September 2015

1 Tree

Andò family donationIt breaks out hearts to not be able to hold you in our arms or ever see your face or know you. We're so sorry, little one. Love you forever, Mummy, Daddy & your brothers

Donated by Andò family

27th August 2015

5 Trees

In memory of Baby Rob born asleep 13th June 2015. Our precious son, grandson & nephew will live on in our hearts forever surrounded by our everlasting love, never ever forgotten, we miss you Baby Rob.

Donated by Emma & Rob Leatherbarrow and Margaret, Ronnie and Sarah Aldcroft

4th August 2015

2 Trees

In memory of our baby girl Martha. Born 05.07.2015. Forever in our hearts xx

Donated by Lisa & Marc

13th July 2015

2 Trees

For my little dot Willow. You'll always be my little girl.xx

Donated by Catherine

10th July 2015

2 Trees

In loving memory of Adam who will never be forgotten. xxx

Donated by Peter and Claire

31st May 2015

4 Trees

In memory of our beautiful son, Henry James, loved and missed every day. Born sleeping on 22nd December 2014. With all our love, Mummy, Daddy and Clara xxx

Donated by James Tozer, Michelle Rickett and Clara

18th May 2015

1 Tree

For our little boy always and forever in our hearts. Mummy & Daddy Liam,Elise,Owen & Freya X X X X X X

Donated by Clair & Andrew Fitt

21st April 2015

4 Trees

Angel Hope our beautiful daughter born asleep 16.4.2010. Kisses to heaven. Love forever Mummy, Daddy and Rocco x x x

Donated by Fiona Stuart & Rocco Griffiths

15th April 2015

10 Trees

Donated by The Booth family

3rd April 2015

2 Trees

For Our Little Angel Bella, 19 Sep 2014 and our 8 April 2014 Angel. "Into the winds breath and the hands of the Star-maker, we set you free and love you forever". Mummy & Daddy xxx

Donated by Leila & Pads

23rd March 2015

5 Trees

Donated by Assaad

12th March 2015

4 Trees

To our angel Grace, there's not a day that goes by that we don't wish we could hold you in our arms or a moment that the hurt of letting you go isn't in our hearts, Love mummy, daddy & Delilah

Donated by Nicola & Dean Quinton

6th March 2015

3 Trees

In memory of our little boy, Jamie, born 22/10/14 Much wanted and always loved

Donated by Kirsty Stevenson & Damien Dennison

10 Trees

In memory of little Nell, born 24th November 2013. With love from Mummy and Daddy xxx

Donated by Bev Sulley and Andrew Bell

11th December 2014

2 Trees

Remembering always our daughter Katie who left us on the 27th November 1993. You will Never be forgotten. Much love always mum, dad, sister and brother xx

Donated by Sue and Gerry

2nd December 2014

5 Trees

In Memory of our little son Tom born 4th February 2011. Always part of us my little one xxx I love you

Donated by Catherine Tulley

10th November 2014

8 Trees

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
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