Start a grove of trees for your business.

A corporate grove page is a fantastic way to make your mark on Scotland’s wild landscape. Here, you can plant trees, make donations and track your giving on a personalised web page with your branding included.

Corporate Grove

From: £6.00 available on subscription


Corporate groves start from £250 and this includes your first tree. Additional trees are £6 each and can be purchased as a one-off payment with the grove setup or through an ongoing monthly Direct Debit.

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£6.00 each

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I plant trees and make donations for my business?

A: It’s quick and easy to give back to nature with Trees for Life. Click here to set up your grove.


Q: What is a corporate grove?

A: A corporate grove is a digital portal where you can buy trees and donate money on behalf of your organisation. Your grove is a public page on our website, where your contributions and donations are recorded in a timeline. You can add your own images, your logo, and your own text to make it fit with your brand.


Q: How much does it cost to plant trees with Trees for Life?

A: It costs £250 to set up a corporate grove with Trees for Life. After that, each subsequent tree costs £6.


Q: Can I use your logo?

A: Use of our logo is reserved for our Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners. If you would like to find out more about becoming a partner, please click here. We ask that if you are not a partner, you kindly refrain from using our logo.


Q: Can you help me promote my giving?

A: We offer marketing support, such as images and quotes, to our Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners. If you wish to work with us to promote your giving, please contact us about becoming a partner.


Q: Can I offset carbon with Trees for Life?

A: Whilst our tree planting groves are a great way for small and medium sized businesses to address their carbon surpluses and make a tangible difference, we are not able to give any figures for how much CO2e one tree could sequester over its lifetime. As a conservation charity, dedicated to revitalising wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, planting trees with us has a whole host of other benefits beyond capturing carbon.

We do have a separate Woodland Carbon Code accredited carbon offsetting scheme available to those larger organisations that wish to address their carbon impact on a much wider scale.  To find out more please contact


Q: Do you actually plant trees that are bought through corporate groves?

A: Yes we do – the trees are not planted in an actual grove, however, but in a way that mimics how they would grow naturally across a wide and varied landscape. Every time you buy a tree through your grove page it will be planted in one of our planting sites. Currently we are planting trees contributed through corporate groves in Glen Affric. Often considered Scotland’s most beautiful glen, we have been rewilding Glen Affric for over 25 years.


Q: When will the trees be planted?

A: We aim to plant all trees within 12 months. We have two distinct planting seasons, running from March to May and September to October.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of trees I can plant through my grove page?

A: There is currently no limit, but those businesses with a bigger giving capacity may like to consider a Corporate Partnership with us, dedicating funds to our core rewilding work.


Q: How do you ensure the trees survive?

A: We take great care to ensure that the trees we plant have the best possible start in life. Many of the trees we plant are grown by us in our innovative tree nursery before being carefully planted by our volunteers or planting teams. We plant within fenced exclosures to minimise herbivore impact, and work with trusted landowners where we have long standing partnerships.


Q: Will the trees be chopped down or harvested for timber?

A: No. Never.


Q: What kind of trees will you plant?

A: We plant a healthy mixture of native species, including Scots pine, oak, hazel, alder, birch, rowan, and aspen. Our planting is designed to maximise the health and well-being of planting sites, and promote biodiversity in the forest.


Q: How will I know that the trees have been planted?

A: We are not able to notify each individual organisation, but you are always welcome to check back with us within the 12-month window and we will be happy to advise you. We do not have the capacity to take photos of individual trees once they have been planted.


Q: Can I plant my own trees?

A: If you wish to plant trees with us it is best to join one of our residential volunteering weeks. We also offer discounted team volunteering opportunities within our Corporate Partnerships – if this is of interest please contact us about becoming a partner. We plant during set times of the year, often in remote locations, and our team is not always able to accommodate extra volunteers. Discover more about volunteering with Trees for Life here.


Q: Can I visit the trees I plant through the grove?

A: You are welcome to visit the trees independently, and we will be happy to provide a grid reference for the planting sites where the trees you bought are situated. We are unable to provide grid references for specific trees, and we are unable to host planting site visits. Please note that the trees are planted in a very large, wild and remote setting, which could be at least a two-hour hike from the nearest road and often over challenging terrain.


Q: Can I add a plaque or signage to the trees?

A: We’re afraid not. This will interfere with the wild habitat we are trying to promote.


Q: I am setting up a start-up and would like to include Trees for Life as part of my business model through a brand partnership.

A: We don’t enter into brand partnerships with start-ups but you are more than welcome to set up a grove or make donations to Trees for Life as a new business.